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About What We Do & How We Got Here

Founder Brian T/ Tepdon graduated from The Frank G Zarb School of Business, at Hofstra University with a degree in Business Finance.  His sub major was in the derivatives and futures markets, ( yes this was actually a course in the 90’s taught by a retired Goldman Sachs option specialist).

His trading career began more than 20 years ago right before the dot com bubble.  Through this experience, he realized the importance of Risk Management and used different options strategies to mitigate risk, while generating greater rewards.

After teaching and modding in other online trading services, Brian realized the many flaws that they had ( especially to new traders). He decided to start his own educational and trade idea service, Breaking Options.

Breaking Options has a very simple mission, “ Earn while you Learn”.  The focus is to provide actionable trade ideas, while making it very clear the “WHY”.  WHY is this trade actionable.  WHY do we use this strategy.  WHY is this the risk/ reward ratio.  This foundation will help you become a successful independent trader.


What our Traders Say

I have been in a number of trading rooms over the years. The Breaking Options room is as good as they come. Brian teaches everything you need to know to become a successful trader, from how to draw support and resistance lines to risk reward. What really makes this room different from some of the others is he is on the mic from pre market until after the market closes to answer any questions anyone might have. Ive seen other rooms where after the first couple hours joe smo is gone. He will give you his honest opinion on any ticker whether he's in the trade or not. He provides trade ideas all day long in the live zoom meetings. Brian also has classes with topics ranging from patterns, psychology to how to use the squeeze indicator. These classes and videos have really helped my learning curve along. I highly recommend Brian and the Breaking Options team.

Walt J January 19, 2021