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Trade Idea: $H 3/6/2021

by | Mar 6, 2021 | Trades

We want exposure to the reopening trade and our area of interest is the hotel sector.

But how do we know which one gives us the best probability and return on our investment.  $H, $HLT, $MAR are the 3 name we narrowed it down to.

Lets look at the charts below:

As you can see in the 1 year performance $HLT and $MAR are definitely looking better with a 24% return, while $H is lagging at 14%.

Lets take a deeper dive….

When we grind down to the 3 month charts, $H is now outperforming both $HLT and $MAR.  This change actually began 6 months ago.

Lets drill down further into $H…..

Wow, now that is a monthly chart I want to own with the stock being above 74.25.

We will look to add this position in the next week or so possibly legging in.  Our stop will be a close below 74.25.  Our swing target price is 114.28, which is the 127.2% fib.  $100 would be our short term target.

EDGE:  Monthly squeeze looks ready to fire long.  Analysts need to play catch up on this name.

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