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Chart Idea: $COST Let’s Fill Up That Cart 6/15/2021

by | Jun 15, 2021 | Charts

How can two companies in the same sector, that basically sell the same products in bulk look so different?  Well lets take look at the evidence in the charts in a comparison between $BJRI ( BJS RESTURANT iNC ) AND $COST ( COSTCO WHOLESALE CORP ).

As seen in the chart below $COST looks like it wants to resolve this symmetrical triangle higher. We want to be long this name above $384.19 with a short term target of $397.13 and a longer term target of $431.79 as seen on the weekly chart.  It is currently above all moving averages, developing a daily squeeze, and tends to run up into its same store sales number.


Now lets take a look at the $BJRI chart which is telling a totally different story…


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